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Australia’s Controversial Matron by Judith Godden

Australia’s Controversial Matron by Judith Godden

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Australia’s Controversial Matron: Gwen Burbidge and Nursing Reform (2011) by Judith Godden.

"This is a compelling account of Gwen Burbidge, (1904-2000), one of the first Australian nurses to write a nursing textbook and a controversial nursing reformer. She improved nurses' working, living and educational conditions and helped introduce visiting hours for infectious patients. She played a major role in implementing Manpower for nurses during World War II and ensuring that Nurses' Aides were recognised and received training. Her professional life reflected the major struggles of nurses to receive appropriate education and to regulate their various roles. This fascinating biography of her life shows Gwen Burbidge as an exemplary leader, whose challenges are all too familiar to those who nurse today. The book can be regarded as an outstanding contribution to Australian nursing history."  - Publisher.

  • 357 pages
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